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Located in Tax Advantaged Reno, Nevada

Northern Nevada offers a favorable business climate with a tax structure favorable both to your company and your personal wealth. Nevada's tourism industry provides a stable source of tax revenue so the government doesn't look to the business sector to carry the load. Washoe County in Reno, Nevada is one the fastest growing counties in the nation.

The state of Nevada also offers incentive programs to qualifying businesses that are expanding or relocating to the region. These incentives may include sales and use tax abatements, personal property tax abatement and employee training grants. For more information about any applicable incentives, please contact the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada.

As a business tenant leasing office space at Redfield Suites you may be able to deduct a portion of the office rental for business purposes. This commercial/residential facility could save the tenant/resident at Redfield Suites thousands of dollars each year. Please consult your tax accountant.

In Nevada you pay:
NO personal income tax**NO corporate income tax**NO unitary tax**NO inventory tax!

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